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♥Product Description:
♥ Comply-with IEEE 802.11n standard, IEEE 802.11g, IEEE 802.11b standard.
♥Support router, client, bridge, relays Access Point mode.
♥ No external power adapter required.
♥Provide one 10 / 100M adaptive Ethernet LAN port.
♥QoS function to ensure the quality of VoIP and multimedias data streams.
♥The wireless broadband speed can reach up to 300Mbps, and is backward compatible with 802.11b / g products.
♥WMM and WMM-APSD support.
♥ Support 64/128 / 152-bit WEP, comply-with 128-bit WPA TKIP /AES , support 22. MIC, IV extension, shared key authentication, IEEE 802.1X.
♥[Repeater mode]: wireless to wireless: After the repeater receives the wireless signal of the original wireless router, it re-transmits a new wireless signal, so as to achieve the effect of amplifying and extending the coverage. Compatible with all wireless routers (need to know the user name and password of the wireless signal), the setup is very simple. The product comes with an instruction manual. Mobile phone, computer, tablet can be set up, only need to set up once all wireless devices can be used.
♥[AP mode] wired to wireless: after the network cable is connected to the repeater, you can directly access the Internet without dialing, such as hotels, apartments, rental houses, offices, sharing broadband with neighbors, etc., only need to insert the network cable that has been connected to the repeater. After setting the network port of the device, you can switch from wired to wireless use.
♥Item Type: Wifi Range Extender
♥Transmission medium: wifi
♥Relays distance: 0.03-0.05 Km
♥Protocol: 802.11n
♥Scope of application: home routing
♥Speed: 300Mbps
♥Product size: 9.5x6cm / 3.74×2.36inch.
♥Package including:
♥1 x wireless repeater
♥1 x RJ45 networks cable
♥1 x English manual

♥Wireless speed, data rate up to 300Mbps. Support wireless ISP mode, easily extend the existing WiFi coverage to a longer range.
♥Support WiFi protection setting WPS function.Provides a WAN and a LAN.
♥Automatically detect your internet connecton type and intelligent switching. Simple setup wizard software.
♥Wireless N speed, data rate up to 300Mbps; Support router, Access Point, repeater, client working mode;Access Point mode: can establish a wireless networks for WIFI equipment.
♥Routing mode: Create an instant private wireless networks and Internet to share to multiple WIFI devices, very suitable for most hotels and home networks; Relays mode: Extend existing WI-FI to improve signal strength and coverage. Client mode: Support wired dedicated devices to access existing WIFI networks.

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