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(as of Apr 08,2023 18:58:42 UTC – Details)

Rich peripheral interfaces: The expansion board supports 4-way encoder motors, which can drive various vehicle types, such as mecanum wheels, four-wheel differentials, tracks, etc.; it also supports PWM servos and serial bus servos, which can adapt to various forms of robot arm development; it also supports USB serial communication, CAN bus communication, and SBUS bus communication.
Multi-functional robot expansion board: The control board is equipped with a 9-axis IMU attitude sensor, which can obtain real-time posture information of the robot and is widely used in ROS robot kit development.
Fully open source data: Provides basic peripheral driver routines written in STM32CUBEIDE, including driving encoder motors, PWM servos, serial bus servos, reading and solving MPU9250 9-axis attitude sensor data, and controlling multiple communication interfaces; open hardware schematic, which is more user-friendly when used with the driver routines.

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