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Wideband Directional Antenna,11 dBi Yagi 3G/4G/ LTE Directional Antenna for Cellphone Amplifier/Cellular Signalbooster with N Female Connector

wideband antenna

wideband antenna

Package included:

1x Cell Phone Signal Booster Log Periodic Cellural Antenna

The antenna does not come with mast pole mount. it comes with two U-bolts. It allows horizontal or vertical polarization.

Keep your mobile phones connected and be accessible wherever you are with this Wide Band Directional Antenna with N-Female Connector

Wideband Directional Antenna

Wideband Directional Antenna

MIMO Installation (Mast Pole Mount is not included )

For MIMO applications mount two identical Yagi antennas at a 90 degree angle to each other.

Wideband Antenna

wideband directional antenna

wideband directional antenna

4G Wide-Band Directional Antenna

Direct at cell tower for best signal
UV stable white sealed radome
Rugged and waterproof for all weather operation
Works on all worldwide cellular bands for voice and 4G data: LTE/CDMA/GSM/UMTS/AWS
Designed for building exterior installation

Cell Phone Signal Log Periodic Cellular Antenna
Rotate the Wideband Directional Antenna to find the best reception position

The main benefit of this wideband Yagi antenna is its ability to focus its signal in one direction leading to greater gain figures.

Wideband Directional Antenna 700-2700 MHz


The Yagi antenna operates without the need for a grounding in most cases. However, you can ground antenna via the outer conductor of the connector and the cable, or through the mounting hardware. We do, however, recommend you install a lightning surge protector between the cell antenna and a device to prevent a lightning strike to the antenna from damaging your device and equipment.

Fixed Mount Directional Antenna

Fixed Mount Directional Antenna

Yagi Directional Roof Antenna

This antenna is designed for use on stationary objects such as buildings or houses.


Directional Antenna

Directional Antenna

Wideband Directional Antenna High Gain Log Periodic Antennas 50 Ohm 3G/4G/LTE/Wi-Fi Universal Fixed Mount Yagi Antenna (700-2700 MHz)

This signal booster lets you experience unmatched data speeds and unparalleled mobile signal strength in areas where you once had poor coverage, letting you make calls or send messages whenever you need to and connect to the internet in virtually any remote location. It boosts signals up to 32 times their current strength, giving you crystal-clear call quality, so no more dropped calls.

This signal booster has an weatherproof structure. It lets your mobile phone receive large volumes of data quickly. It can also capture exterior signals and amplify them in your car, home, or office.



Wind loading area (sq ft)
≤ 2.13

Rated wind velocity (mph)

Mounting mast diam. (in)
1.5-2.0 (not included)

Radiator material

Radome material / color
ABS Anti UV / White

Water resistance
IPX Weather rated

Operating temperature (°C/F)
-40 to +55 / -40 to +131


Frequency range (MHz)
698-960 / 1710-2700

Vertical / Horizontal

Gain (dBi)
8.5 Avg / 9.5 Peak

Half-power beam width (°)
Low Band: 100-109 Horizontal, 65 Vertical

Half-power beam width (°)
High Band: 70-85 Horizontal, 55 Vertical

Front-to-back ratio (dB)
≥ 10 AVG

Impedance (Ω)

≤ 1.6:1 / 1.4:1 avg

Maximum input power (W)

Lightning Resistance
DC Ground

2.VERSATILITY: Wide Range Multipurpose Log Periodic Cellular Broadband. The ALHXGUSLO Wide Band Yagi Directional Antenna supports multiple devices so that everyone can experience enhanced 4G LTE and 3G signals. It features up to +10.6 dB gain.
3. OUTSIDE YAGI CELLULAR ANTENNA FOR SIGNAL BOOSTERS: The main benefit of this wideband Yagi antenna is its ability to focus its signal in one direction leading to the greater gain figures. High gain 11 dBi performance increases signal strength and data speeds in areas with marginal coverage. The ALHXGUSLO Wideband Directional Antenna boosts your 4G LTE and 3G signal up to 32X for fewer dropped calls, higher audio quality, and faster uploads and downloads.
4. PREMIUM QUALITY: This Wideband antenna features an N-Female connector that facilitates the transfer of high-frequency information. The female connector can quickly receive large amounts of data and works at radio frequencies in the multi-megahertz range.IMPORTANT NOTE: This product is outdoor antenna only, it must work together with signal booster/repeater, It will need extension cable to connect the outdoor antenna to signal booster.
5. EASY SETUP: Yagi Cell Antenna is a roof antenna, it is designed for exterior installation and use on stationary objects such as buildings or houses. Female N connector with 12″ pigtail – Outdoor weatherproof enclosure protects antenna elements, this Wideband directional antenna from features a rugged waterproof structure that’s designed to withstand damage from the elements. This package includes a tilt-and-swivel mast bracket for 1.25- to 2-inch pipe or mast (pipe& mast are not included)

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