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SODIMM 1 (desktop)SODIMM 1 (desktop) Timeless Classic with Eye-catching Features

The T-CREATE CLASSIC LAPTOP(SO-DIMM) DDR4 10L is designed in a timeless classic style. It is tailor made for creators to design and create. The timeless classic style and eye-catching features make it both beautiful, inside and out.

SODIMM 2 (desktop)SODIMM 2 (desktop) 10 Layer-board with Professional Anti-interference Design

The 10 layer-board with professional anti-interference design has excellent anti-noise processing ability, allowing creators to run smoothly and steadily no matter in game animation production or graphics image editing or processing.

SODIMM 3 (desktop)SODIMM 3 (desktop) Customized High-temperature Resistant Capacitor

The customized capacitor inside of the T-CREATE CLASSIC LAPTOP (SO-DIMM) DDR4 10L can withstand the high temperature caused by running large files during creation and maintain a stable output voltage.

SODIMM 4 (desktop)SODIMM 4 (desktop) Suitable for Upgrade Requirements of MAC, Notebook, NUC

The T-CREATE CLASSIC LAPTOP (SO-DIMM) DDR4 10L has undergone rigorous testing process to make sure compatibility and stability. It can support up to the latest 27″ iMAC (2020 version), INTEL 11th Gen series and AMD 5000 series laptops and other laptops.

SODIMM 5 (desktop)SODIMM 5 (desktop) Multitasking for Better Efficiency

The large capacity 32GB single stick memory is a creator’s best choice when upgrading. With frequency up to 3200MHz, creators can perform multiple operations. Whether it is file transfer or operations with long waiting times, they can operate simultaneously to meet the needs of multitasking.


Module Type DDR4 260 Pin Unbuffered DIMM Non ECC Frequency 2666 / 3200 Latency CL19-19-19-43 / CL22-22-22-52 Capacity 8GB / 8GB x 2 / 16GB / 16GB x 2 / 32GB / 32GB x 2 Data Transfer Bandwidth 2666: 21,328 MB/s (PC4 21300) 3200: 25,600 MB/s (PC4 25600) Voltage 1.2V Dimensions 30(H) x 70(L)mm

10 layer-board with professional anti-interference design
Customized high-temperature resistant capacitor
Multitasking for better efficiency

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