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TRI BAND 2 METER / 220 / 440 flexible base loaded telescopic antenna is the standard for field use whether in the countryside or city. This super efficient VHF / UHF antenna provides a OMNI directional 3 to 9 db gain depending on position and is usable in 4 positions. (1/4 wave 2 Meter Fully extended) – (5/8 wave 440 2 sections down) (1/4 wave 440 fully collapsed) (1/4 wave 220 4 sections down) tuned coil/spring & available with any TA Base. This flex coil matching network provides at band center low SWR as well as a ± 5 MHz band center. Antenna tuned at 440 MHz being the band center, the antenna will perform the same between 435 – 445 MHz. Length Telescope 4.5″ down and 16.5″ up.
– 50 Watts max power
The tuned antenna bases are all flow soldered assuring excelled electrical connection, plus double protection at point of maximum stress. The Smiley Antenna Company has universal bases that fit most radios; the bases are nickel plated brass (not steel), preventing dissimilar metal oxidation or rust. Our Antenna can be fitted to over 10 different connectors, such as BNC, TNC, and SMA. At Smiley Antenna Company, we manufacturer our own bases.
The coils are copper plated causing radiating elements to maximize power to communicate unlike un-plated elements that have a high resistiveness to RF energy and causes dielectric losses
These coils are dipped in a synthetic rubber to provide a weather seal, as well as a dielectric constant and mechanical web effect between the coils of the spring preventing any distortion of the coil. When heated to the outer covering of NEO or TA exclusive NT-MIL special space age covering, this NEO is baked on to provide the most rugged yet flexible HT antenna available today.
Features Electrical – 50 Watts max power – Impedance matched to the portable Helical Elements Construction – Exterior exclusive NT-mil covering – Dipped in synthetic rubber to provide a weather seal & webb coil, preventing distortion – Telescopic section & highly efficient copper-plated helical wound hardened steel wire – Flow soldered nickel plated brass base
Connector: BNC; Compatible with Icom, Vertex, some Motorola, and some Kenwood Handheld Radios. NOTE fits radios with female bnc.

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