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The 80 plus Titanium certification represents the pinnacle of power supply efficiency with requirement of at least 90% conversion efficiency even at the very low 10% loading condition. For silverstone, achieving the highest efficiency is just one aspect to what makes for a technically advanced power supply. The available power also needs to be condensed into a physical package as small as possible so that users can freely utilize it in any case or system with minimal interference. For the Strider Titanium Series power supplies, all models are among the smallest in size for their wattage levels. As befitting of being in the Strider Series, abundant enthusiasts features are included such as all Japanese capacitors, 3% regulation, powerful single +12V rail, 24/7 continuous power output at 50℃, and dual EPS 8pin with multiple PCI-E 8/ 6pin connectors support. For those looking to build the most efficient systems possible with multiple GPUs for gaming, folding, mining, scientific calculations, or machine learning, the 1100W/ 1300W/ 1500W Strider Titanium Series power supplies are definitely the top choices.

All Japanese capacitors. 24/7 continuous power output with 50℃ operating temperature. Class-leading single +12V rail. Strict 3% Voltage regulation and Low ripple & noise.
100% modular cables.
Dual EPS 8Pin with multiple PCI-E 8/ 6Pin connectors support.
Ultra silent 135mm fan with intelligent semi-finless operation.

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