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The QHora-322 enables high-speed connection with 3 x 10GbE and 6 x 2.5GbE ports, while also providing enterprise-grade Mesh VPN networking. You can achieve multi-site LAN development via the cloud through QuWAN Orchestrator, with full software-controlled routing to build a next-generation network. It is strongly recommended to pair QHora-322 with a QNAP NAS for businesses to perform secure remote backup: By using the Hybrid Backup Sync through QuWAN, you can transfer files and snapshot files between multiple NAS through a secure encrypted network. For enhanced security, you can also connect your NAS (QNAP or otherwise) directly behind the QHora-322 to prevent attacks.

Highly flexible software routing configuration

Each network port and network segment are independent by default. Flexibly set network segments based on your organization or environment needs.

Enterprise-grade VPN

Enable up to 1000 concurrent VPN connections with an optimal integrated hardware and software solution.

WAN/LAN Deployment

The QHora-322 has three 10GbE ports and six 2.5GbE ports for flexible WAN/LAN deployment.

Intuitive management interface

The QHora-322 uses the QuRouter OS, which features a user-friendly web-based UI to assist in everyday network management tasks.

Mesh VPN

QuWAN SD-WAN technology automatically establishes a secure mesh VPN with QNAP devices at multiple sites.

Simple initialization settings

Compared with conventional routers with complicated IP settings, the QHora-322 supports Automatic Device Search in WAN/LAN.

Ultimate wired networking performance

The QHora-322 provides three 10GbE ports (compatible with 10G/ 5G/ 2.5G/ 1G/ 100M) and six 2.5GbE ports (compatible with 2.5G/ 1G/ 100M) for ultimate high-speed wired networking performance.

WAN/LAN flexible deployment

As a next-generation router, every port of the QHora-322 gives you flexible high-speed LAN/WAN deployment.

Wired network deployment for every scenario | IoT Direct-to-device connectivity

Directly connect individual IoT devices to the QHora-322 through independent network segments, so that different devices can operate smoothly together.

High-speed LAN

Set multiple LAN ports in one LAN using the QuRouter OS. A high-speed Intranet is ideal for large file transfer or communication between workstations.

VLAN Network Slicing

Use the VLAN function to segment domains for different applications, so that multiple applications can connect to the network through a single network port.

Auto Mesh Multi-site VPN

Enable QuWAN SD-WAN at multi-site QHora-322, multi-points will automatically form a Mesh VPN network. providing a simpler and faster multi-point secure connection solution.

Optimize the performance of business networks with the 10 Gigabit Ethernet connectivity
For USB-enabled devices accessibility, the router comes with a built-in USB port

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