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DTF Printing Advantage

✓Printer built-in white ink circulation system circulates the white ink once every half an hour, which can effectively prevent the print head from clogging due to the precipitation of the white ink
✓ Save consumables, generally 10ml of ink can print an area of 1 square meter
✓ DTG printing is usually done at 80% color ink and 200% white ink. DTF printing only needs 60% color ink and 40% white ink
✓Waterproof and non-fading, printed clothes can be washed many times and still bright rich, and the pictures on the clothes do not fade and have no cracks
✓ For DTF Film Printing, The pattern is clear and lifelike than sublimation printing, can achieve the effect of the photo, the color is washable and stretchable than sublimation printing.

DTF Printers Working Process
1. Prepare design PIC, select patterns you need
2. Print on PET film via printer
3. Sprinkle powder on film, shake powder, heating PET film, then dry automatically
4. Transfer on garments with heat press machine
5.Tear the film, slowly tear off when tearing the film

Package includes:
1*L1800 DTF Printer
6*100ml DTF Ink
1*100 Sheets DTF Transfer Film

The printer and the oven are sent by DHL Express together, and the ink are sent to you by DHL Express separately.Because the DTF printer is a new technology, if you have not used a related type of printer before, please tell us your skype after placing the order, so that we can arrange for an engineer to remotely guide you to install the printer,thanks

Because rubber powder customs clearance is very slow, all packages do not contain rubber powder, you can buy rubber powder separately on Amazon or locally in the United States

👉 No need adjust the physical position of printhead:No need to adjust the physical position of printhead, can directly print when add the ink, which improves production efficency and saves lobor costs.
👉Advanced white ink circulation system :White ink circulatory system, prevents sediment causing the nozzle to be blocked. Automatic waming when lack of ink, reduce losses for empty printing
👉Suitable for all kinds of Fabrics, Leather, Bags, Shoes, Hats, Socks, Gloves, Umbrellas, Plush toys, Knitted Underwear, Swimwear, Handicrafts, Tshirt, Hoodies, Cushion, Pillow, Bags, Denim/Jeans and Many other industries.
👉High-quality after-sales service: We are a factory seller and have our own professional team of engineers. our engineers have recorded a detailed video to install the printer for you. If you don’t understand, we will arrange an engineer to help you remotely

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