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MIMO 4×4 Panel External Antenna Kit for 4G LTE/5G Hotspots & Routers (Full kit)

Price: $399.99
(as of Mar 16,2023 04:23:23 UTC – Details)

If your LTE or 5G router supports 4×4 MIMO external antennas, and you’re looking to get the absolute best data rates, using a 4×4 MIMO external antenna is often the best option. Our 4×4 MIMO Panel External Antenna Kit for 4G LTE/5G Hotspots & Routers includes everything you need to mount your external antennas, as well as the adapters necessary to connect the MIMO antenna to your hotspot or LTE router. Our 4×4 MIMO Panel antenna offers up to 9 dBi gain between 1710 and 2700 MHz, and 6 dBi gain between 600 MHz and 900 MHz. Our Quad-RS240 30ft cables make it easier than ever to connect your 4×4 MIMO Antenna to your LTE router, hotspot, or signal booster system. This cable assembly has four strands of low loss RS240 coaxial cable glued and sheathed, with SMA-Male connectors on the “indoor” end, to minimize the bulk of running multiple cables and make installation easier than ever. Also included in the bundle are four SMA-Female to TS9-Male pigtail adapters, four SMA-Female to U.FL pigtail connectors, and four SMA-Male to N-Male connectors, to ensure you have everything you might need to connect almost any device.
FOUR ANTENNAS FOR MAXIMUM SIGNAL IMPROVEMENT – Using a 4×4 MIMO enabled router and antennas gives you much more signal being sent and received into the device rather than a single channel, or even a standard 2×2 MIMO configuration.
BUY OUR KIT TO CONNECT TO EVERYTHING – Our three pack of adapters helps you connect to all major models of LTE routers, including the T-Mobile 5G gateway without any additional purchases!
NOT JUST AN ANTENNA! – Purchasing this antenna kit gives you access to Waveform’s support team for the lifetime of the product. We’re available by text or phone call during regular business hours 7 days a week. Whether you’ve had this antenna installed for years or just purchased it, you’ll have a team of support specialists that you can rely on for assistance. We believe our products will work 100% of the time given the proper conditions, and are happy to get your antenna optimized!!
ROUTERS SUPPORTED – Mofi 5500 T-Mobile home internet units (Nokia and Arcadyan Models) Cradlepoint E300-18B, any many more!

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