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This KleenWater sand stopper spin down system is a high quality, low cost alternative compatible with Rusco, Vu Flow, WaterSource, Boshart Industries and Campbell filters. Using a scale of fine, medium and course, this model is ideal for filtering out fine sediment without the need for cartridge replacement. The 250 mesh 316 stainless screen can be periodically purged by simply opening the purge valve allowing the sediment to be flushed out via centrifugal action. The polycarbonate transparent sump permits monitoring of trapped sediment. Approximate dimensions 6 inch width x 17 inch length. This is a low cost high quality alternative compatible with Rusco 2-250-F, Boshart Industries 14SFHK-20SM250 and the Campbell FT8-250. This system includes the PVC filter head with 2 inch slip fit female inlet / outlet connections, transparent filter body, drain purge valve, 250 mesh stainless steel screen and (1) extra o-ring. The KWSStop2-oring is provided to prevent an urgent situation in the unlikely event the o ring becomes worn or damaged. This o-ring creates the water tight seal between the filter body and head. 

The 2 inch PVC slip female inlet outlet head provides a 100 GPM flow rate. Please enter model # KWSStop-RE-2-250M in the Amazon search bar to order a replacement filter screen.

 Please note: 24 mesh (711 micron) is ideal for lawn irrigation filtration. 100 (152 micron) mesh is ideal for domestic water filtration of medium grade sediment. 250 mesh (61 micron) is ideal for domestic well water filtration of fine sediment.
Includes a high impact, molded stainless steel 250 mesh, 61 micron filter screen
Compatible with Rusco, Vu-Flow, Boshart Industries, WaterSource and Campbell Brands
Great whole house water filter ideal for filtering fine dirt/sediment
Eliminates the need for expensive cartridges by employing a sand/sediment purge valve

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