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Item #RB3: 1-1/16″ thick and 3-1/2″ wide – 12 feet long – flexible casing molding. MADE IN THE USA! WATERPROOF – DURABLE – FLEXIBLE – FOR INTERIOR AND EXTERIOR USE Conventional woodworking tools can be used with this material. Always install moulding in a relaxed position. Use construction or panel adhesive continuously on the backside and nails to secure moulding in place until adhesive bonds. Remember – do not use staples to fasten material, keep nails to a minimum (no closer than 6 inches between nails), and do not nail closer than 3/8 inch from edge of moulding. Flex Trim is stable and will not absorb moisture and is ideal for humid environments. It is not affected by heat or cold and can withstand extreme environments. ALWAYS lay out the material to let it relax back into its original shape; this is a good time to double-check molding style and application. NEVER pre-finish the material prior to installation. The material may flex during installation and cause fractures in the finish. ALWAYS make certain that the surface you are applying the material to is flat and smooth. Flexible molding will follow any irregularities in the surface. NEVER use staples or nails with large heads. Keep nails to a minimum and away from edges to avoid “bumps” at the edge. ALWAYS use a construction adhesive in conjunction with (or in lieu of) nails or screws. This will ensure a quick and easy application and a cleaner finished look. Let material warm up to room temperature for maximum flexibility.
This item comes as a straight yet flexible piece. Can be installed with normal woodworking tools, if a tighter curve is needed please rip the profile in half and re-assemble into an arch shape.
Material is flexible polyurethane resin – only recommended for painting applications but can be stained with a gel based stain
See product images for installation instructions.

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