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Color:black The Fitbit Versa seamlessly blends into your daily life with its sleek aesthetics that won’t alienate you when you’re commuting to the office in the morning and catching an evening show with your friends after work. Bluetooth wireless syncing and music streaming comes in handy for uploading all of your daily activity stats to your phone or listening to your favorite tunes without being tethered to messy wires. NFC wireless payments (special edition only) allow you to use your credit and debit cards anywhere that accepts wireless payments (consult Fitbit’s list of participating banks to see if your bank is on the list). Fitbit offers a number of apps for everything from sports and news to travel and transit, so you can optimize this watch to your everyday existence. Despite all these tech-savvy features, the Versa is no slouch when it comes to tracking your physical activity and heart-pumping workouts. It provides 24/7 heart rate tracking with its wrist-based monitor that does away with the need for an additional heart rate belt. 15+ exercise modes are tailored to specific workouts, ranging from running and biking to lifting weights in the gym. Daily tracking of your steps allows you to quantify how much you’re moving and connected GPS with your smartphone tracks distance when you’re running through the park or blazing your way down the trail. Also, it tracks your sleep duration and quality, so you can find out if you’re getting a proper night’s rest or need to catch up on precious zzzs. Please note, there’s two available versions, both of which include a small and large-sized wrist strap. The special edition watch comes with a dressier version of the wrist straps, alongside the traditional straps that are great for exercise. This special edition watch also works with NFC wireless payments, where as the regular version doesn’t. Both come with a charging cable and wirelessly stream data to a Fitbit app for iPhone and Android devices.
Take your favorite music phone-free by storing 300+ songs or downloading stations from Pandora or playlists from Deezer
Use 15+ exercise modes like Run or Swim (Fitbit Versa is water-resistant to 50 meters) to record workouts and connect to smartphone GPS for more precise real-time pace & distance
Easily fit in workouts with personalized on-screen coaching that play on your wrist and coach you through each move

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