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about us

about us

Maybe you enjoy competitive online gaming. Maybe you love optimizing your workflow to get your latest design to your client on time. Whatever the need, our customers getting the most out of their purchase is what we thrive on. Every monitor, every keyboard, every desk, and chair – all of these products are thoughtfully designed and sold with our customers in mind. We don’t do gimmicks, we don’t make up funny names, we sell what we love.

What is Deco Gear?

We sell a full line of monitors, gaming peripherals, and PC gaming essentials that fit multiple needs and passions. Designed for people who love what they do, by people who love it too!

Who is Deco Gear?

We are a dedicated, growing team of gaming and electronic enthusiasts. We proudly use what we sell and always look for the next breakthrough.

Why choose us?

Our products provide an exciting alternative to the mainstream contenders. We believe everyone should get the most out of their experience. Every day we grow and bring the best in gaming and desktop tech – see for yourself!


How did we get our start?

Starting in 2016, Deco Gear has been offering premium accessories ranging from camera cases, photography and drones, tactical gear, and much more!

What makes our products unique?

We created each of our great lines so that we could cut out the middle man and provide our customers with the highest quality products from around the world.

Do we offer a protection plan?

At Deco Gear, we fully stand behind the quality of our products and provide our customers with a Full 1 Year Manufacturer’s Limited Protection Plan..

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DG brand image

The Ultimate Gaming Setup

Building a new rig or need an affordable upgrade for your gaming PC? Look no further, Deco’s got you covered.




TRULY AHEAD OF THE CURVE – Featuring a 1800R curve, this ultra ultrawide monitor provides the viewer a sense of immersion and focus that is hard to replicate on smaller screens. Curved monitors excel at putting more in your field of view without effort on your part – this means your eyes don’t fatigue as fast and you can stay focused on your task at hand for longer.
SMOOTH VIEWING AND FUN – Gamers will love this monitor for its fast 120 Hz refresh rate and its ability to surround those getting lost in a racing or flight simulator. Feel closer to the action with one uninterrupted view of the driver’s seat or plane cockpit without having to negotiate troublesome bezels of multiple monitors.
AN INCREDIBLE WORKSTATION – For creative professionals, this monitor offers incredible color accuracy and replication with 101% NTSC and 100% sRGB accuracy. Enjoy unmatched workflow and the ability to fit multiple windows onto one, free-flowing screen. Audio professionals will love this monitors large screen that allows them to stretch their editing software across the length of their desk. Photography, video editing, graphic design, the potential to get more done is limitless.
EVERY DETAIL IN YOUR FACE – Enjoy crisp detail with this monitors 5120 x 1440 DQHD resolution combined with a richness and depth that produces deep blacks and an evenly backlit E-LED display. HDR400 capable, achieve dynamic brightness up to 400 nits that makes the colors of this monitor drop your jaw. Built for the enthusiast and the professional, it’s more than just seeing the difference – it’s time to feel it.

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