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Rider 420 Cover ImageRider 420 Cover Image

Bryton Rider 420 Series GPS Bike Computer – Simply Precise

Simply Precise! Lead the Way with the all-new, powerful and easy-to-use Rider 420:

Rider 420 is built with a crisp black and white 2.3” large screen. The high quality, optically bonded display provides crystal-clear reading from any angle and in any environment without interference.With 5 satellite systems supported (Full GNSS), it can record your ride precisely. Better accuracy, faster response. Never need to worry about losing signal while riding in the woods or surrounded by high buildings.Includes Follow-Track (breadcrumb trails) with turn-by-turn navigation. In Follow Track mode, the Rider 420 displays road names, distance (to next POI/Peak or Destination), and directions.Advanced Follow-Track with POI (point of interest) / Peak information support. Customize POI / Peak data for each track and view this data while riding.Supports both ANT+ & BLE Speed/ Cadence/ HRM sensors as well as ANT+ Power Meters.

Key Features



Easy setupEasy setup

Full GNSS (Global Navigational Satellite System) Support

The Rider 420 GPS cycling computer incorporates 5 Global Navigational Satellite Systems: GPS, Glonass (Russia), BDS (China), Galileo (Europe) and QZSS (Japan). This provides faster start-up and a much more reliable satellite coverage in any environment, especially when riding with building/tree cover or while riding in the mountains. Additionally, the Rider 420 includes multiple satellite combination options and a power-save mode (using just GPS) to extend the powerful battery even longer, giving you complete control over your connectivity. For absolute precision for every twist and turn of your ride no matter where you go, choose the Rider 420!

Powerful 35-Hour Battery Life

Equipped with a powerful 35 hour battery, the Rider 420 will support you no matter how long the ride. Whether you are commuting everyday, riding for fun or taking on a challenge, you won’t have to worry about running out of power!

IPX7 Water-Resistance

With IPX7 Water-Resistance, the Rider 420 can support you in any weather or environmental conditions. Additionally, the optically-bonded display prevents accumulation of fog or dust inside of the screen, providing additional protection for your device. Come rain, sleet, snow or high water, the Rider 420 has just one answer: Bring it on!


Follow TrackFollow Track


Smart NotificationSmart Notification

On-Device, Customizable POI/Peak Info

Knowing the distance to your next stop is always motivating and useful. After setting up your POI and Peak info with the Bryton Active App, you can check the distance to your next POI or Peak in Follow Track mode, allowing you to make the right decision based on your status and stay motivated along the way!

Advanced Follow Track (Breadcrumb Trails)

Unleash your adventurous spirit with the Rider 420’s Follow Track function! It is now easier than ever to plan and create trips via the Bryton Active App Route Creator or import trails (.gpx) from 3rd-party platforms onto Bryton Active, and auto-sync trails from Strava, Komoot and Ride with GPS to let the Rider 420 be your personal guide. With turn-by-turn navigation, the device displays information for road names, distance and direction. Go ahead to explore new areas, the Rider 420 will lead the way.

TrainingPeaks Workout Support

To make training easier than ever, the Rider 420 now supports workout plans from TrainingPeaks. Workouts can be planned on TrainingPeaks and exported to the Rider 420 via the Bryton Active App. These trainings can then be easily and conveniently started from the device to reach training goals

On-Device Smart Notifications

Connect the Rider 420 to your smart phone via BLE and receive notifications on the go, including in-coming calls, texts and emails in the middle of your ride. Which types of notifications you would like to receive can be customized right on your phone from the Bryton Active App.

Left/Right PWLeft/Right PW


HR/PW ZoneHR/PW Zone

Power Meter Pedal Support / Calibration

The Rider 420 provides support for ANT+ power meters and now also caters to riders using power meter pedals. Adding your power meter is as simple as inputting the crank length for calibration. Once that is set up, you can receive precise power values generated from the power meter pedals, including left/right power values for each pedal.

Supports Dual Band (ANT+/BLE) Sensors

The Rider 420 is compatible with any ANT+/ BLE speed, cadence, combo, and heart-rate sensors. Additionally, pairing sensors with the Rider 420 is also as easy as 1-2-3 and can even be done from the device menu while recording a ride!

Heart Rate and Power Zones

With Heart Rate and/or Power Meter paired with the Rider 420, you can easily utilize the Bryton Active App to customize your MHR/LTHR Heart Rate Zones as well as your FTP and MAP power zones. Add the Power/Heart Zone data field to your Rider 420 to view which zone you are riding in during your ride. Also this data can be used for viewing your post-workout analysis on the Bryton Active App.

3rd Party Platform Integration3rd Party Platform Integration

3rd Party Platforms Trails/ Routes Compatibility & Download and Auto Sync with the Bryton Active APP

3rd part compatibility

Along with the Bryton Active Route Creator, the Rider 420 also supports 3rd party routes and trails from popular apps/sites such as Strava, RideWithGPS and Komoot. Simply sign in to your account using the Bryton Active App, import your routes and upload them directly onto your Rider 420! It has never been easier to follow your custom routes while riding with your Rider 420!

Auto Sync

Additionally, using the Bryton Active App, you can upload your completed rides directly to 3rd party sites, such as Strava, Relive, TrainingPeaks and Selfloops. Using the Auto Sync feature, as soon as your rides are synced with Bryton Active they can be directly uploaded to these 3rd party sites automatically and hassle free!

Rider 420 Specifications

Display B/W 2.3 inch Mono LCD Dimensions (mm) 49.9 X 83.9 X 16.9 Weight (g) 67 Battery Life 35 Hours Satellite Support Full GNSS: GPS, Glonass (Russia), Beidou (China), Galileo (Europe) and QZSS (Japan) Waterproof IPX7 Lap History 130 Laps Log History 300 Hours Heart Rate Zones 7 Zones Alerts Yes Operating Temperature 14°F ~ 122°F Speed/ Cadence/ HRM sensor ANT+/BLE Power Meter Support ANT+ Supported Bike Profile 2 Sync to Bryton Active APP Bluetooth (iOS & Android) What’s in the box Rider 420; USB cable; Smart Cadence Sensor; Smart Heart Rate Sensor; Standard Bike Mount; Safety Lanyard; Documentation

Battery Life
16 hrs 35 hrs 35 hrs 20 hrs

21 72+ 80+ 99+

Speed/ Cadence/ HRM sensors
BLE only ANT+/BLE ANT+/BLE ANT+ only

Power Meter Support
Not Supported ANT+ ANT+ ANT+

Pre-load OSM map

Follow Track (Turn-by-turn))

TrainingPeaks Workout

ESS support

WLAN Support

Online Navigation w/ Rerouting

Advanced Follow Track with Turn-by-Turn navigation and POI/Peak Information. Supports 3rd party GPX/FIT routes and Route-Sync from STRAVA / Komoot / RideWithGPS
Strong 35 Hour Battery life with 77+ functions & 5 Satellite system support (GPS+GLONASS+Galileo+QZSS+BDS) for faster and stronger signal.
ANT+ / BLE Heartrate, Speed and Cadence sensor compatibility. Supports ANT+ Power Meter and Power Meter Pedals with calibration.
Compatible with Bryton Active App, including Auto Sync to STRAVA / TrainingPeaks / Selfloops. Plan routes on Bryton Active, View workout results and Modify device settings / data pages.

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