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StageSound Zoro II Product features, smart glasses with open ear headphonesStageSound Zoro II Product features, smart glasses with open ear headphones

Sound X techSound X tech

StageSound Logo and sloganStageSound Logo and slogan Who We Are

StageSound is a sub-brand of Coolme. Founded by a collective of sound engineers and design maestros with more than 20 years of experience, StageSound is dedicated to creating superior-quality audio products.

‘Simple, Stylish, Creative’ is the culture of StageSound. From design to delivery, we ensure a great end-to-end experience for our customers who expect the best. Now let StageSound bring your own world to life with incredible sound.

Stage Zoro II Smart Audio Glasses with Superior Surround Sound & Call Quality

Perfect for video conference, hands-free calling, online classes, video watching, and workouts with these open ear audio glasses.

Hidden in the temples, Sound X technology with directional audio design reduces the spread of sound beyond you, while directing exclusive crystal clear sound to your ears. Immerse yourself in the splendid world that only you are aware of.

Touch/Slide Control Auto Power ON/OFF Open Ear Headphones 6 Hour Continuous Battery Directional Surround Audio Omnidirectional Microphone Adjustable and Comfortable Wearing Eyes Protection with Interchangeable Lenses

StageSound Smart Glasses - Take Hands-free Calls, Siri, Voice ControlStageSound Smart Glasses - Take Hands-free Calls, Siri, Voice Control

Private Hands-free Calls

Slide either temple to answer your calls. Directional audio minimizes the presence of audio leakage through reverse sound waves, ensuring that conversations remain private, even in quiet environments.

Hall switch technology to turn ON/OFF automatically.Hall switch technology to turn ON/OFF automatically.

Protect Private CallsProtect Private Calls

Attentive Eyes ProtectionAttentive Eyes Protection

Automatic Voice Prompt

Once unfold the temples, Zoro II smart glasses will power on and remind you the battery percentage and connection status, you can be aware of the battery level so as to recharge the glasses in needs, as well as if they connect with your devices successfully.

16.2mm Drivers Stereo Audio

Embedded with dual 16.2mm driver in the temples, together working with proprietary directional audio technology, Zoro II smart sunglasses deliver crystal-clear sound to your ears directly, allowing you to blend with the world around you at the same time for your workouts, video watching, and online conference.

Attentive Eyes Protection

Zoro II frames comes with two pairs of lenses. The anti blue light lenses filter blue ray by 35% to minimize radiation and fatigue when you are doing computer work, while the polarized lenses can block up to 100% of harmful UVA and UVB rays during your outdoor exercise. Feel free to interchange them according to your needs. In addition, you can also customize prescription lenses in eyeglass stores.

Store 8 DevicesStore 8 Devices

IPX4 WaterproofIPX4 Waterproof

What’s in the BoxWhat’s in the Box

Store 8 Devices

Built in advanced Bluetooth 5.0 chipset, Zoro II smart glasses can store 8 devices they have connected, they search the devices from the latest to the farthest connected ones automatically once power on, until find the available to connect.

IPX4 Waterproof

Zoro II bluetooth sunglasses are IPX4 waterproof certified. The whole frames is smooth-as-silk nylon frame, proof of water, dust and sweat, powerful enough for unexpected situations such like spilled water, rainy weather, or strong sweat during fitness.

What’s in the Box

Zoro II frames with polarized sunglasses*1

Blue light blocking lenses*1

Charging cable*1

Cleaning cloth*1

Glasses case*1

User manual*1

Interchangeable lensesInterchangeable lenses

Item Dimensions


Wide Compatibility

-Compatible with all Android, iOS devices, smartphones, TVs, laptops, etc.

-The Bluetooth working range is up to 33 feet.

How to Reset( Remove a paired device)

1. While in pairing mode, triple tap and hold the last tap for at least 2s on any of the touch input areas.

2. An voice prompt will notify you that your glasses have reset paired device list and are searching again for compatible Bluetooth devices.

How to Install the Replacement Lenses

1. Turn to the back of the frame.

2. Push firmly to the top of the lens until it pops out.

3. Turn the frame around and align the new lens to the nose bridge corner.

4. Apply pressure to the new lens to snap it to the place firmly.

5. Repeat the above for the other lens.

PREMIUM SURROUND AUDIO: Zoro II audio glasses are designed with proprietary directional audio technology, direct the unparalleled surround sound to your ears but won’t bother others. Thanks to the built-in omnidirectional mic and advanced noise reduction chipset, your voice will be picked up accurately, slide the temple to take crystal-clear calls on the glasses
COMFORTABLE FOR ALL FACE SHAPES: Owing on the unique patented U-shaped elastic hinge, Zoro II smart sunglasses can be adjusted up to 35 degrees in each side, provide the best possible fit and ensure pressure-free experience in your daily activities like cycling, reading, driving, running or hiking
AUTO POWER ON/OFF AND VOICE PROMPT: Embeded in Hall Switch, just unfold the temples, Zoro II bluetooth glasses will power on automatically and connect to your most recent paired device. The battery remaining and pairing status will be prompted at the same time. Fold the glasses to power off immediately to save battery
INTELLIGENT SWIPE&TOUCH CONTROL: Hidden intuitive touch sensors in both temples, Zoro II smart audio glasses can manage music tracks, media, and calls by easy touch or swipe. Double tap to activate your phone’s virtual assistant and access to GPS navigation, instead of speaking to the cellphone with a loud voice in public
BLUE LIGHT BLOCKING & UV400 PROTECTION: Zoro II polarized glasses are UV400 certified, which can provide nearly 100% protection from harmful ultraviolet light rays, block wavelengths up to 400 nanometers, including UVA and UVB rays. The included blue light filter lens can block out the blue light rays to anti-eye strain and protect your eyes from glare
6H NONSTOP PLAYTIME: Zoro II unisex glasses provide up to 6 hours of continuous battery, accompany your daily work and exercise. The total standby time is 200hrs when in not use. With the magnetic fast charging cable, both temples can be fully charged within 2 hours at the same time.

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